Smart Energy GB Tell the Nation About the Digital Revolution Happening Under their Stairs in new Campaign

Smart Energy GB Tell the Nation About the Digital Revolution Happening Under their Stairs in new Campaign

Aug. 13, 2020

Following the pandemic, Smart Energy GB re-introduces smart meters by showing people the big benefits this piece of tech can bring to the nation from behind cupboard doors in ‘The Quiet Revolution’ campaign created by AMV BBDO.

The idea behind the campaign is that there’s a digital revolution happening across the nation. Like other revolutions it will change things for the better – but in the most uniquely British way, everyday life will pretty much carry on as normal, without fuss or fanfare. 

The hero films open with a voiceover that tells us a quiet revolution is afoot. But as we start to see quiet and observed moments from homes up and down Britain, we realise this is a different type of revolution. These homes are the setting of ‘the quiet revolution’, as we discover that they all have a humble smart meter working away in the background, hidden under stairs or tucked behind some clutter in a cupboard. While they may not be front and centre of our daily lives, the films reveal the dramatic ways that these boxes are upgrading our energy system, helping to achieve carbon neutral status by 2050 and change the future of the country.

The hero film breaks on television and online starting August 13, backed by activity in the national press, magazines, radio, Youtube and on social.

AMV has also made four shorter films to appear in digital channels. These develop ‘The Quiet Revolution’ concept, each focusing on a different way smart meters are changing things – including how they can save us money and help us adapt our energy needs as technology changes.

Alongside the above-the-line activity, Gravity Road has developed social content to amplify the campaign. This includes meme-like posts and cinemagraphs featuring real-life smart meter advocates. The aim is to use the content to target as many different audience categories, including people with pre-pay meters, with the right message, at the right time and in the right place as possible.

A PR campaign by H+K Strategies will also launch in September, highlighting the role that individuals can play in supporting ‘The Quiet Revolution’ and the collective impact that small actions can have on helping our country reduce its carbon footprint.  

Media spend for the campaign, which runs through until November, is £6 million and is planned by and bought through PHD

Chris Taggart, Director of Marketing at Smart Energy GB, said:

We are in the early years of a British household revolution in our use of energy; like the electrification of our heating and charging electric cars from our homes. So, we are excited to launch this campaign that dramatises how smart meters are quietly helping to enable this future, and proud that AMV and Pulse films successfully created such beautiful and powerful work, all the while keeping Covid safe.”

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