St Luke's Launches SHN (Stay Home Now) Initiative to Encourage Immediate Behaviour Change During Covid-19

St Luke's Launches SHN (Stay Home Now) Initiative to Encourage Immediate Behaviour Change During Covid-19

Mar. 24, 2020

Following Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s address to the nation last night, and triggered by the very poignant Dr Jack interview on LBC Radio on Saturday 21 March where he discussed the public's responsibility to stay at home in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic -  St Luke’s have created a social media friendly call to arms.  The logo, to be shared online, simply reverses the instantly recognised National Health Service (NHS) logo, to reinforce the message STAY HOME NOW (SHN).

This call to action to STAY HOME NOW, created by Richard Denney, Executive Creative Director and Al Young, Chief Creative Officer at St Luke’s, is designed to clearly put across the important message to STAY AT HOME to save lives.  The simply reversed logo image to be shared on social is accompanied by the copy: STAY HOME NOW. Don’t send our NHS backwards

Richard Denney, Executive Creative Director at St Luke’s commented:

"My mum is a recently retired nurse so I felt we needed to do something. What the NHS is doing right now cannot be taken for granted or lightly. We MUST support and try to protect them by doing our bit and staying at home. It’s not a difficult ask.”


Neil Henderson, Chief Executive Officer at St Luke’s commented:

“We were moved by the plea of Dr Jack and wanted to land his message as powerfully as we could. Never has behaviour change been so critical.”

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