Take a Closer Look at The Evolution of "Unmistakably Tanqueray"

Take a Closer Look at The Evolution of "Unmistakably Tanqueray"

Nov. 07, 2019

Tanqueray has launched the next phase of its global “Unmistakably Tanqueray” campaign with the introduction of a new film that takes people on an incredible journey through time - visiting bygone eras as far back as our founding in 1830 – from which time Tanqueray’s original recipe and taste has remained unchanged.

“Since 1830” is a 30 second hero spot created in partnership with creative agency St Luke’s. It is named after the year Charles Tanqueray perfected his recipe and will run on VOD, cinema, social and out-of-home across the UK, Spain, Germany, South Africa, Brazil, and Australia from 6th November. 

The film comprises a series of impeccably styled scenes with the setting and fashion embodying four different periods: the 1830s, the 1920s, the 1960s, and today. The film uses a technique called the Droste effect, which is based on the idea of ‘worlds within worlds’, and is created using a continuous curving camera move that reveals each new scene from inside the previous one. The original Tanqueray bottle appears in each era, having been sourced from the Tanqueray archive in Menstrie, Scotland and taken to set for the shoot. 


D-J Hageman, Global Head of Tanqueray, said:

“We are thrilled to be launching the next stage of the Unmistakably Tanqueray campaign. In 1830, our founder, Charles Tanqueray set out to create the world’s best tasting London Dry Gin. He tried over 300 different recipes, until he ultimately landed on the one, the same recipe we still use to this day, four perfectly balanced botanicals: juniper, angelica root, coriander seed and liquorice for one unmistakable taste. Building on our OOH and print campaign from 2018, and with additional media channels in the mix this year, we have the opportunity to explain why Tanqueray has an unmistakable taste which sets us apart, through video and digital assets”.


In the new film, the action begins with a woman in a dramatic 1830s bar scene. Styled in an authentic 1830s style dress and wearing a green silk blindfold, she is about to take a sip from a signature Copa glass of Tanqueray and tonic. As she lifts the glass the Droste effect sweeps us through the four separate time periods. In each scene we see our protagonist styled in clothing from the time period, reaching for her T&T next to an original Tanqueray bottle from the decade (sourced from the Diageo archive) in a room that has been meticulously styled in the design codes from that decade.

The film ends in the modern day with the protagonist, at last tasting her Tanqueray and tonic. Even though she cannot see the drink, she gives a smile of instant recognition and the end line appears: “Unmistakably Tanqueray” along with the line “Unchanged Recipe since 1830”. 

Chief Creative Officer of St Luke’s Alan Young says of the film:

“We knew we had a good script with every chance of becoming a strong piece of film – but we also knew something was missing. We needed a compelling way to transition between the scenarios that would take us through, or around, the famous green bottle. Scott Lyon’s treatment nailed it and our client was both courageous and supportive in signing off a technique they nor we had never seen before.”


The hero film is supported by a number of social films which focus on the unmistakable taste across the Tanqueray range including the small batch Citrus Heart Tanqueray No. TEN; the bittersweet orange Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla; and the newly launched, premium pre-mixed Tanqueray & Tonic.

This new chapter follows on from the success of the “Unmistakably Tanqueray” launch in 2018 which included a global print, outdoor and social campaign and debuted the green blindfold as a new and iconic comms device. Heroing the taste of the gin, the 2018 campaign helped Tanqueray see a +19% growth in Net Sales Volume globally, through strong growth across the core and innovation variants.

Neil Henderson, CEO at St Luke’s, added:

“The aim of this campaign is to build on the iconic style of Tanqueray and establish it as the most distinctive, recognised and revered gin brand in the world. We are very excited to have created this film that tells the story of Tanqueray’s unmistakable taste and its unique heritage.”

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