The Distillery Project and Meijer Make Golf-Themed COVIDproof Advertising for LPGA Classic

The Distillery Project and Meijer Make Golf-Themed COVIDproof Advertising for LPGA Classic

Jul. 29, 2021

The Distillery Project has created a pair of spots for client Meijer that navigate the confusing period between the height of COVID and our collective recovery. 

The 15-second spots Just A Little Excited Part I and Just A Little Excited Part II  promote the retailer’s sponsorship of the Meijer’s LPGA Classic, an official LPGA Tour event in Grand Rapids that features 144 of the top female golfers in the world and battles food insecurity throughout the Midwest. This is Meijer’s banner summer event.

In one, a pair of old buddies are overjoyed to meet up at the tournament—there’s cause to celebrate because they haven’t seen each other in more than a year. They begin to embrace, then pull back, and go through a series of awkward almost-greeting gestures like fist bumps, elbow taps, a game of footsie, and even a salute as they try to negotiate the New Normal. They are totally befuddled and completely out of practice.

“It’s OK if we’re all a little rusty,” the narrator says. “Get out for good and help feed our neighbors in need.” The screen reads Meijer LPGA Classic for Simply Give and includes a URL to buy tickets.

In another, a golfer is concentrating on getting the ball in the hole. Just as she is about to tap in, an observer shouts, “Yes!” and she’s certain this has ruined her shot. However, it may have saved it—the ball rolls in the hole. “We’re all a little excited,” the narrator says, and the golfer bonds with the overzealous fan.

The Distillery Project’s CCO, John Condon, said:

“The Meijer LPGA Classic is always a signature event in the Grand Rapids summer, as Meijer brings together some of the very best golfers in the world, along with the local community, to help Meijer’s Simply Give program combat food insecurity throughout the Midwest. This year, the event was doubly significant as it marked one of the very first times the community could come together for any reason. It really is an opportunity to get out for good.”


The LPGA work ran in six states as well as nationally on the LPGA golf channel.

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