The Terrasse: A Celebration of Perrier's French Spirit and Iconic Elegance

The Terrasse: A Celebration of Perrier's French Spirit and Iconic Elegance

Apr. 02, 2024

Perrier, the beloved French lifestyle icon brand, announces the launch of its new global campaign, The Terrasse. The campaign imagined by Ogilvy Paris celebrates both Perrier’s French origin and the French vibe of the Terrasse, embodying sophistication and wit in a manner true to the brand’s creative heritage of capturing films with visionary directors. Perrier’s new brand campaign sweeps you away to a bustling French Terrasse, an experience unlike any other. An invigorating one where one can engage in a myriad of activities – from daydreaming and laughter to discreetly eavesdropping on neighboring table chatter like a secret agent, or even finding love! An opportunity to fully immerse oneself in the moment, cherishing every second.

The French Terrasse is the epitome of French lifestyle – and a home to Perrier. Whatever its name abroad - patio, terrace, or plaza - the essence of the Terrasse embodies longing for freedom, for seizing the moment, for feeling alive and connected. These very sensations are encapsulated by Perrier at its finest, with the invigorating slice of lemon and the lively service of a garçon de café, creating an experience that transcends borders and speaks to the soul. So what could be more emblematic than a French Terrasse - where lies the very essence of effervescence - for Perrier to celebrate its Frenchness and sparkle with the world?


Especially in 2024, when France shines brightly on the global stage, captivating hearts with its spirit of celebration from the grandeur of the Olympics to the enchantment of award-winning cinema, and the renaissance of the iconic Notre Dame. As the word “France” echoes worldwide, its cultural influence radiates, inspiring excellence and refinement across the globe. Perrier embraces this global celebration, paying homage to its French origin and the allure of the French way of life, infused with a zest of witty elegance, which continues to charm people around the world.


Filmed in the south of France, near Perrier’s birthplace in Vergèze, The Terrasse testifies to Perrier’s enduring partnership with its territory. For over 160 years and for the years to come, it stands as a symbol of Perrier’s commitment to its French origin and the vitality of the region. Deeply dedicated to the brand long creative history, Perrier entrusted the film to emerging French director Thomas Lachambre, and acclaimed actor Guillaume Galienne lent his voice to transport us into a world where seeing and being seen are equally delightful, where fashion enthusiasts mingle with romantics, and where your favorite garçon de café brings your Perrier at just the right moment…


The Terrasse will be launched globally, including France, Belgium, Spain and China over the coming weeks and months, starting in March. It marks the first globally conceived campaign, highlighting Perrier as an icon of French art de vivre, timeless and unique. Captivating audiences with an immersive 30-second film showcased on both television and in cinemas, as well as online, the campaign will extend its reach through Out-of-Home displays, including dynamic displays to engage viewers in urban landscapes. Five memorable scenes from the film titled ‘L’Amour,’ ‘La Mode,’ ‘Le Plaisir,’ ‘L’Espionnage,’ and ‘La Rupture’ complete the brand experience, with a strong digital and social campaign tailored to resonate with online audiences. Furthermore, the brand’s involvement in prestigious events like Roland Garros adds an exciting dimension, creating memorable experiences that align with Perrier’s legacy of sophistication and entertainment.

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