Unique Initiative Lets Supporters Move Into The Homes of Soccer Stars

Unique Initiative Lets Supporters Move Into The Homes of Soccer Stars

Oct. 13, 2021

During October and November, two players from Sweden’s top women’s soccer league, OBOS Damallsvenskan, will rent out their homes to supporters for one day.

The players’ homes are – starting today – advertised on Sweden’s largest marketplace, Blocket. They can be booked on specific days when the players are away for games in other parts of the country.

Behind the initiative is Aftonbladet – Sweden’s largest newspaper – and its sports division Sportbladet, which since 2019 broadcasts all the games from OBOS Damallsvenskan.

Aftonbladet’s marketing manager Therese Stalén Birgersson says:

"In Sweden, we are very fond of international soccer, but we also have Europe’s fifth best league with some of the world’s best players right here. This initiative is a way to draw attention to that fact and let the supporters get even closer to the stars."


The players who will open up their homes for a day are Djurgårdens IF’s Daniela Zamora, national team player for Chile, and KIF Örebro’s Finnish national team star Elli Pikkujämsä.

Zamora says:

"For me, it is important that the supporters can feel close to the players. It increases the passion for what we do and creates a better overall experience for everyone. This initiative does that in a new way, so I was very excited when I was asked to participate."


Elli Pikkujämsä shares this view:

"I think this is a great idea in order to get to know the players better, how we live our lives and so on. This is of course new to me since it is very different from other activations, but it felt obvious to get involved."


The initiative is part of the campaign ”Close to the stars” which aims to highlight Sportbladet’s involve- ment in OBOS Damallsvenskan – a message the clubs also agrees with.

Fredrik Stengarn, chairman of KIF Örebro, says:

"We must all get involved and take responsibility for women’s soccer’s central marketing, so we obviously wanted to participate. This is a very good and fun initiative that both got us as a club excited, but also Elli as a player. It’s a win-win for us. I think it’s important that we show these incredible individuals we have in OBOS Damallsvenskan, they are true role models for young girls and boys – and they are not far away. This reflects a bit of the elite women’s soccer’s genuine desire to be close and to inspire."


Marcus Björling, PR and communications manager at Djurgårdens IF Football, says:

"Being close to the supporters is part of Djurgården’s identity. The ”Close to the Stars” campaign is in line with how we want to present ourselves, and therefore there was no hesitation on our part when asked about this. Daniela Zamora is also a role model for many younger players in Sweden, but also in her home country Chile, which she recently represented at the Olympics in Tokyo."

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