Midea: 90 Minutes of Air Conditioning


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on 17th August, following the hottest July on record for New York City, with heat records being set in a number of US cities, air-conditioner brand Midea teamed up with creative agency Pereira O’Dell to treat New Yorkers to a 90-minute film featuring the Midea U, at Manhattan cinema "Village Easy by Angelika’" New Yorkers were able to escape the heat of the city to the air conditioned cinema, to attend the premiere of "90 minutes of air conditioning" – a feature length film about an air conditioner cooling an NYC apartment - accompanied by free popcorn and soda. Pereira O’Dell entertainment conceived the Warholian 90-minute film starring the air conditioning unit Midea U, seizing the moment of the record-breaking NYC summer heatwave, combined with the New York habit of escaping to an air-conditioned cinema when it’s really hot outside.


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Pereira O'Dell, USA


August, 2022

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