PerifaLions: Perifa in Cannes


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In its second edition, PerifaLions will take four young talents from the outskirts to the largest advertising festival in the world: the Cannes Festival, in France. This year, the project is sponsored by advertising agencies África, Artplan, BETC Havas, FCB Brasil, LIVE, VMLY&R, and W3Haus, as well as sporting goods brand Olympikus, which will be central to the briefing for the challenge. The initiative is now also officially supported by the Cannes Festival, which is providing free event passes to the winners. Also supporting the event are production houses Paranoid and DaHouse, which produced the launch video for the 2023 challenge.


Advertising Agency:

FCB Brasil


Bruna Oliveira, Danilo Maia, Victoria Damiana

Art Director:

Daniel Magalhaes


Iuellen Souza

Video Production:



Karol Maia

Executive Producer:

Luiz Armesto, Marcel Weckx

Client Services:

Karina Vallesi

Production Assistants:

Fernanda Hernandes, Camila Aureliano, Dulce Fernandes

Paranoid Post-Production Coordinator:

Carol Fernandes

Paranoid Post-production Assistants:

Kaio Silva, Davi Andres

1st AD:

Carol Fernandes

Production Director:

Paulinho Marco Melo de Souza

Set Assistant:

Edson Ferreira da Silva

Direct Sound:

Marcio Rodrigues Silveira

Photography Director:

Vini Bock

1st AC:

Pamela Santos Anastácio de Jesus

Production Van:

Alecsandro Penha Queiroz

Camera Van:

Sérgio Carvalho


Rafael Canova

Post-Production House:


Post Production:

Cris Caffaro, Driano Torres

Gafanhoto Post-Production Coordinator:

Gabi Nunes


Guido Claverie

Art Director:

Gustavo Carvalho

Editing Assistant:

Ramon Felix


Ely Silva

Coloring Assistant:

Gabriel Pinheiro

Sound Production Studio:

DaHouse Audio

Musical Direction:

Silvinho Erné, Lucas Mayer

Music Producer:

Silvinho Erné, Lucas Mayer

Mix and Sound Design:

Rodrigo Deltoro

Client Services:

Andrea Oliveira, Carol Massetti


March, 2023

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