Tinder: Share My Date, Ramen 0.0 Tinder: Share My Date, Putt-Putt 9.0 DHL: Make a Good Thing Even Better 10.0 ServiceNow: Put AI To Work For People 10.0 Ad of the Day | The Client 10.0 Freepik: Neighborhood Design 10.0 Fellowes Brands: PORTRAY 10.0 Uber Eats: It's Good to Cancel 10.0 Vinted: Too Many, Women 10.0 Vinted: Too Many, Men 9.0 LinkedIn: That's Premium, Office 4.5 LinkedIn: That's Premium, Presentation 10.0 LinkedIn: That's Premium, Interview 10.0 Johnson Controls: OpenBlue Innovation Center 10.0 Morgan & Morgan: Hard and Easy, Gym 6.0 Morgan & Morgan: Hard and Easy, Chips 6.0 Morgan & Morgan: Hard and Easy, 10 Min 8.5 Ad of the Day | Slack: The Big Meeting 9.3 Vinted: Move the World, Buyer 10.0 Vinted: Move the World, Seller 10.0 Deezer: Live The Music 9.5 Intuit QuickBooks: For the Hero Behind the Heroes 9.0 Heetch: Greetings from LA Banlieue 6.0 Trainline: New Friendships 0.0 Morning: Alternative Stock Images 9.0 Travelodge: Better Get a Travelodge, Football 0.0 Travelodge: Better Get a Travelodge, Brian 0.0 Travelodge: Better Get a Travelodge, Gym 9.3 eBay: Mirror 10.0 Ad of the Day | Translated: Human Touch 9.8 eBay: Do Re Mi Fa Goal 9.5 Carvana: Hooold 0.0 DoorDash: Triple Threat 0.0 Ad of the Day | TheFork: You're All Set 9.5 HotelTonight: Overpacking is a Sign of Weakness 0.0 HotelTonight: Greatness Deserves Greatness 9.0 TILT: Reel MoCo 0.0 Orange: The Bleues' Highlights 10.0 Ifthen Inc.: The Smart Legacy 0.0 SeLoger: Saves your Neighbours' Day 10.0 Rippling: One Place 10.0 CER: The Lost Ride 10.0

Latest News

Jun. 14, 2024

Lemonade Dolls Launch Bold and Punchy New Campaign to Empower, Engage and Encourage Women Everywhere

The campaign was created by Havas London, and features British comedian and actor Jayde Adams

Jun. 14, 2024

Markham Yard Creates "Good Karma" Campaign for New York Blood Center Enterprises

The objectives are to increase general awareness about the need for blood donations and also recruit people who have never previously considered donating