Ad of the Day | Facebook: Good Ideas Deserve To Be Found 10.0 Genesys: Happy Customers 9.0 Amazon Prime Video: CITES 9.0 KiwiCo: We've Got This, Grownups 9.0 Insight Global: The Call 10.0 The One Show 2021: Water Cooler 9.0 The One Show 2021: Under Table 9.0 The One Show 2021: Toilet Paper 9.0 The One Show 2021: Lockdown Day Whatever 9.0 RE/MAX: The Right Agent Every Step of the Way 10.0 Mailchimp: All in a Day's Work 9.5 Goteborg Film Festival: The Isolated Cinema 10.0 Green Flag: Can't See. Won't Drive 9.0 Ad of the Day | Translated: Lara 10.0 Friday Health Plans: Benefits You Want (Waiting Room Itchy) 0.0 Friday Health Plans: Benefits You Want (Waiting Room Leeches) 0.0 Friday Health Plans: Benefits You Want (Healthy Bodies and Brains) 0.0 Cannes Lions: Launch Film (Narrated By Yang Yeo) 10.0 British Retail Consortium: Santa 9.8 British Retail Consortium: Santa 10.0 Maersk: Disconnected 10.0 PornHub: Keep it SFW this Masturbation Day 9.3 Not The Oak Cliff Film Festival: From Charco With Love 10.0 Spotify: Trojan Jammers 5.5 Ad of the Day | DiDi: Hero 9.8 My Online Therapy: My Real Face 7.0 Pornhub: The Cleanest Porn Ever 5.0 Disney: Covid Wars, 4 8.5 Disney: Covid Wars, 3 8.5 Disney: Covid Wars, 2 8.5 Disney: Covid Wars, 1 8.5 Disney: Covid Wars 9.0 #StayHome 9.5 Radiocentre: Business As Usual 9.0 My Online Therapy: After Bedtime 9.5 Flower Council of Holland: Let Hope Bloom 9.0 Edri 8: You Are Not Supposed to Look at This Billboard! 9.5 02 Taxi: Half-Mast 10.0 02 Taxi: Half-Mast 9.7 PornHub: #Coronavirus, 4 10.0 PornHub: #Coronavirus, 3 9.0 PornHub: #Coronavirus, 2 10.0

Latest News

Mar. 05, 2021

Birth LX Releases "A Fragrance Beyond the Lines" for Hermes H24 Launch

The new campaign was directed by Jan Gleie & photographed by Christopher Anderson

Mar. 05, 2021

Ilya Naishuller’s Dizzying New Ad Explores the Extremes of Entrepreneurial Burnout

The spot proves that running your own business shouldn’t have to be so exhausting