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Big Science creates music and audio for advertising, film, web content, corporate, radio and many other applications. From simple radio spot production to epic scores, we are your audio and music solution. Big Science has won Cannes Grand Prix, One Show Gold Pencils and many other awards for our music and sound design. We have written music for Halo, StarKist, Converse, Nestle, 2K Sports, Victory Motorcycles and hundreds of other brands large and small.

Latest News

Oct. 30, 2020

Yang Yeo Narrates Creativity Manifesto for LIONS Launch Film

Yang Yeo, Creative Officer at Hakuhodo International, has been selected by Cannes Lions as one of five creative legends.

Oct. 29, 2020

Serviceplan Beijing's ‘Truly Mystical’ Campaign Goes Viral in China

A Serviceplan Beijing campaign designed to launch Budweiser’s new product ME3 has gone viral in China, making a social buzz within the generation Z target audience.