We believe there should be a higher standard for everyday products. Shop Clean. Get Rewarded.

We believe there should be a higher standard for everyday products. It shouldn’t be so much work just to avoid chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients in products we use every day, right? Merryfield is a new clean-label rewards platform. It’s a powerful loyalty solution made possible through a first-of-its-kind partnership with a collective of trusted consumer brands. Our app makes it easy for consumers to discover new products and brands they can trust. We’re rewarding people for making choices they feel good about and for consistently supporting "better-for-you" food and beverage, personal care & beauty and household products brands that subscribe to a higher everyday quality standard. And when we say better-for-you, we mean “clean.” Every CPG brand wants consumer loyalty but few have loyalty solutions. Merryfield is a curated, membership model, rewards/loyalty platform dedicated exclusively to working with purpose-led brands. All brands invited to join our collective of participating member brands must meet the self-developed quality standards set by Merryfield's Clean Council. With turnkey rewards, incentives for discovery and trial, consumer insights, we help brands with purpose develop deeper, more meaningful connections with like-minded consumers. Merryfield is the starting point for clean label shopping. We believe that no kid should go hungry, and because of our members, we’re able to donate 1% of our sales directly to No Kid Hungry, supporting their mission to end childhood hunger.

Latest News

Oct. 30, 2020

Pathfinder 23 Wins the Global Carlsberg Group E-commerce Assignment Following Multi-Agency Pitch

Carlsberg Group has entrusted Pathfinder 23 execution of key Global E-commerce projects.

Oct. 30, 2020

Yang Yeo Narrates Creativity Manifesto for LIONS Launch Film

Yang Yeo, Creative Officer at Hakuhodo International, has been selected by Cannes Lions as one of five creative legends.