Ad of the Day | Amsterdam's N=5 works with young talent on new campaign for World AIDS Day 2018

Ad of the Day | Amsterdam's N=5 works with young talent on new campaign for World AIDS Day 2018

Dec. 01, 2018

Most people have stopped worrying about AIDS.  Admittedly, there are enough other things to worry about in 2018… But the fact is that most people think the epidemic is over. But this assumption is wrong. In 2017 alone, 1.8 million new HIV infections were recorded. And almost one million people lost their lives. Each and every day, people are losing their loved-ones. Which makes AIDS a threat to love.

To coincide with World AIDS Day on December 1 2018, the Dutch Aids Foundation (Aidsfonds) has worked with Amsterdam independent creative agency N=5, to roll out an awareness campaign.  

The campaign is led by a TV commercial called "For the Love of Love" which underlines the beauty of love – in all its myriad forms. Whether it’s the love for your lover - or the love for your child, love needs to be protected. Not just from AIDS, but also the stigma and discrimination that can come around it.

Thijs Bontje, Creative Director at N=5, Says:

“Often, awareness campaigns about AIDS focus on disease and death. We wanted to turn that on its head - and promote love. AIDS is a threat to love. To do this idea justice, we found some incredible young talent to tell this story in a convincing, yet lyrical way.”


The film was shot by up-and-coming director, Madja Amin at Cake Film. Amin rallied a team of young creatives to create the right look, feel, casting and sound.  The lyrics to the film were written by a young creative team at N=5, Gabriela Nouws and Leon Ragetlie, and were spoken by hip-hop artist and activist, Ray Fuego.

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