Ad of the Day | HORNBACH gives toilets a voice

Ad of the Day | HORNBACH gives toilets a voice

Nov. 23, 2018

It’s one of the last taboos, so leave it to the German nation to dive headfirst into… toilets. Yes, that hidden-away, often neglected and best forgotten ‘smallest room’ plays a starring role in HORNBACH’s new autumn campaign. Together with creative partner Heimat Berlin, Europe’s leading DIY chain is highlighting its bathroom expertise in a novel way - whilst arguably stretching the notion of good taste as far as it will go. Instead of a traditional  TV campaign showing aspirational bathrooms, HORNBACH and Heimat are asking the city of Berlin to experience the toilet. In public. And as such have built an actual monument in Berlin’s city centre, dedicated to the tiny throne of the home.

With "A monument against silence", HORNBACH and Heimat are shining the spotlight on the toilet – focusing on its significance to the individual in this modern day and age. To this purpose, they have literally created the ultimate toilet right in the middle of Berlin ’from everything available in the HORNBACH product range’, combined with 3D projections, vibrating sound and tactile materials.

One hundred specially selected guests have been invited to take a seat and share their experiences. Among them, a colon therapist, a scientist, a naturopath, and various members of the public.

The accompanying online-film is a true-to-life documentary chronicling the process of going to the toilet in three parts: retreat, digestion and relief. As HORNBACH says:

Corbinian Hennies, creative director at Heimat, says:

"It’s time to talk about it’.‘It was important to us to portray the process of going to the toilet as an act of physical and mental contemplation, as well as spiritual cleansing. It was equally important to depict digestion as a creative process, in order to break down inhibitions and start the dialogue. To this end, we built the toilet to resemble an altar in a cathedral." 


Particularly in a hectic and fast-living world, the need for calm and contemplation is greater than ever.

Thomas Schnaitmann, head of marketing in Germany and marketing communication worldwide at HORNBACH, says:

"A toilet can be so much more than a mere necessity. People can design a toilet they enjoy visiting, and can find peace and quiet there. By showing what is possible with a little imagination and the HORNBACH product range, we want to inspire people to get creative and turn their own toilet into a monument. The question is: ‘What will you make of your toilet?"

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