Albert Grabuleda Signs to ALTERED.LA

Albert Grabuleda Signs to ALTERED.LA

Jan. 24, 2023

Production company ALTERED.LA announce today the signing of actor-turned-director, Albert Grabuleda to their commercial roster. 

Beginning his film career as an actor for TV, features and commercials, Albert realised his true passion; bringing his own stories to life. Transitioning to directing firstly through indie short films, he then discovered a love for advertising, and the challenges of condensing detailed narratives into short time frames. 

With almost ten years of experience in front of the camera, Albert seamlessly adapted to his new role as a director, understanding the best ways to work with actors to create amazing campaigns. Specialising in character-first narratives, he delves deeply in order to expose the most subtle of details, conjuring up unusual, aesthetic narratives that make audiences think beyond the surface level. 

With an extensive and varied list of past clients, Albert has worked with the likes of, El Corte Inglés, HEAD, Pronovias, Kia, L’Orèal, Garnier, Esie, Diners Club, Wilson, GHD, Listerine, BBVA,  Knorr, Volkswagen, Nesquik, Bimbo, Cup Noodles, Act II, amongst others. Working broadly across genres, Albert has proved himself as able to inject his contemporary, forward thinking style into any category. 

As well as working with a host of global brands, Albert has collaborated with a number of global celebrities, such as Antonio Banderas, and with some of the most well-known faces in sport over his career, including footballing legends Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp and F1’s Fernando Alonso, to name a few.

In 2021, Albert released "Mantis", a short film which became the most nominated fashion film of the year; nominated at Paris and Berlin Fashion Film Festivals and at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival. It was one of the most awarded films in the world; Berlin Commercial, Barcelona Fashion Film, Shark Tank, 1.4, Festival internacional cine de ciudad de méxico. In 2022, Albert first entered the US commercial market, filming over 14 commercials between Barcelona, Mexico, Ecuador and the United States. 

After five successful years as a director based primarily out of Spain, Albert considers the year ahead in 2023 as an exciting new chapter in his directing career. Looking to develop more of his own personal projects, as well as conquer the US commercial market, he will be building on his critical momentum amassed over recent years.

Albert Grabuleda, Director, ALTERED.LA commented:

"When you sign with someone at a national level, it is a commitment that you have to evaluate in detail, it sets the beginning of a long journey in which little by little you start adapting to a new family and you gradually integrate into a new world of agencies, clients and different ways of working.That is why for me the choice is based on two fundamental points: first, the directors and talent the firm represents, and without a doubt ALTERED.LA has top notch professionals in its ranks and therefore one feels proud to be within that club; second, the people who make the production house itself. There has to be a connection, an aligned strategy between the two, and above all, mutual comfort."


Marcos Cline, founder and executive producer at ALTERED.LA commented:

"Albert’s aesthetic is one that compliments the ALTERED.LA’s roster.  We strive to be a home to a diverse pool of talent, not just in their backgrounds but in their approach, prefered genres, and storytelling profiles. Albert’s high end, contemporary fashion oriented approach lends itself to a specific kind of board which we see often emanating from our markets. Albert’s inclusion reflects a continued growth for us in creating visually appealing content."

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