Buck Partnered With AJF in Melbourne to Craft a Series of Fun Stories for Yoplait

Buck Partnered With AJF in Melbourne to Craft a Series of Fun Stories for Yoplait

Feb. 23, 2021

Buck partnered with AJF in Melbourne to evolve a series of fun stories for Yoplait that saw a cunning crew of fruity creatures get in all sorts of mischief.

This cast of fruity friends lumber, leap, and launch their way to a delicious yogurt prize. The question is, who will get there first?

A series of unique spots were crafted to spotlight different products from the Yoplait range. Each featured a family of cute creatures built from real fruit in the respective product flavors.

The viewer's attention should be drawn first and foremost to the appetizing fruit. Buck filled out the animals using simple line work, keeping detail to a minimum so as not to distract from the main attraction.

Each creature was made from fruit that resembled its inherent anatomy, imbued with personalities inspired by their species.

In Darwin’s words, “only the fit survive.”

Each creature endured a long evolutionary process before arriving at their final design. Here are some of the ancient ancestors that didn't survive.

For full control, Buck opted to build the fruit entirely in CG. This allowed to pick and choose exactly which angle to present without worrying about lighting. It also meant Buck could manually beautify the fruit to look mouthwateringly delicious.

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