Caravane Elevates Bath and Body Works Campaign with Cinematic Expertise

Caravane Elevates Bath and Body Works Campaign with Cinematic Expertise

Dec. 15, 2023

Caravane, the visionary director duo, represented by L'ÉLOI, sets the stage for a cinematic experience in the latest Bath and Body Works campaign.

Launching the theme, "Come Back to Your Senses," the campaign emphasizes the impactful role of fragrance in finding tranquility amid life's commotion.

Caravane take viewers on a compelling sensory journey, showcasing the potency of scents in various settings. They skillfully play with visuals, creating scenes that are both simple and stunning, evoking a range of emotions – from serene relaxation to invigorating freedom.

In one scene, a candle illuminates a bathroom, transforming it into a scented sanctuary. Another spot features a vintage Volvo adorned with flowers, offering a whimsical escape from rush hour. A third one shows a cozy bedroom turned into a cherry blossom haven, asserting that anyone can embrace the morning with Bath & Body Works scents.

Bringing this vision to life required a harmonious collaboration led by Caravane as Director, Nik Mirus as DOP, and Audrey St-Laurent as a botanic specialist. Constructing sets adorned with fresh plants and meticulously choreographing every element, the team aimed for a delicate balance. 

Caravane commented:

"Our cinematic approach aimed to create unique atmospheres for each spot, playing with different lighting moods and making color choices consistent with the ambiance of each scene. The collaboration with key experts, including Nik Mirus on DOP, Audrey St-Laurent on floral design, and Frédérique Ste-Marie on art direction, added a touch of magic to the project."


Representing L'ÉLOI, Caravane's contribution to the Bath and Body Works campaign reflects a seamless blend of professionalism, artistic finesse, and the ability to deliver a visually stunning production.

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