SSENSE Unboxes Cinematic Style for Anniversary Campaign

SSENSE Unboxes Cinematic Style for Anniversary Campaign

Nov. 21, 2023

SSENSE, a multi-brand retailer based specialising in high end fashion, is celebrating luxury with stunning film and photography from Caravane and Nik Mirus at production company L'ÉLOI.

The campaign spotlights 20 exclusive collaborations with designers curated for the brand’s 20th anniversary SSENSE XX collection. L'ÉLOI's diverse roster was able to cater to SSENSE’s range of needs, as director duo Caravane crafted an original film for the AMIRI M.A. Studio Chair while Nik Mirus provided crisp photography of the entire array of products.

Alluding to the anniversary theme, Caravane’s film opens with an array of moody black candles placed upon a mysterious crate. A luxury take on the concept of unboxing, it builds intrigue as the chair is gradually unveiled. Cinematic lighting plays a pivotal role in establishing such an aura as the chair stands alone in contrasted settings, a sole circle of light in a dark empty room.

Caravane treat the chair as a work of art, centred with exquisite close ups that highlight its distinctive features. In contrast to the directors’ usual use of steady dolly, techno crane, and motion control arms for smooth camera movements, they deliberately opted for a handheld feel to give a more human and imperfect touch.

Caravane commented: 

“With each new creative endeavour, our goal is to generate fresh ideas, dive into uncharted territory, and collaborate with new partners. For our collaboration with SSENSE, we embraced the unknown, allowing our creative instincts to guide us without a fixed destination in mind. Fostering creative freedom for collaborators rather than dictating every aspect was a core principle, paving the way for the discovery of many new and compelling ideas!”

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