Director Ash Bolland Makes State-Side Home With Filmmaking Collective Bullitt

Director Ash Bolland Makes State-Side Home With Filmmaking Collective Bullitt

Nov. 04, 2019

Ash Bolland is an experienced and passionate filmmaker who delves into the heart of idea to deliver original work that is both emotive and intricately crafted. His ability to honestly connect story and brand results in projects that deeply resonate with viewers.

Raised in a small town in New Zealand, Ash once aspired to be a pro-skateboarder, played in bands, and learned filmmaking at night. During MTV’s years as a creative playground and talent incubator Ash directed music videos and created some of the channels most memorable idents. Employing a blend of live action and design allowed him to explore original ideas with a cinematic aesthetic. This imaginative space catapulted Ash into a career marked by unique and diverse projects, many of which earned millions of views and global acclaim.

Entering the branded realm, Ash’s love of skateboarding shines in ’Burn’ featuring pro-skateboarder Rune Glifberg for Burn Energy Drinks (Coca-Cola). He later worked directly with Nintendo, in the highest secrecy, on the launch film of the Nintendo Switch. The spot was lauded by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and has since racked up a staggering 60 million views on YouTube. The next year, Ash directed Nintendo’s first SuperBowl commercial, which saw the band Imagine Dragons thrust into the international spotlight.

Allison Amon, Bullitt EVP Sales & Development, says:

“Ash has a directing voice that comes from thinking expansively, imprinting projects with a sense of depth and quality. He understands how to craft meaningful connections with audiences, sometimes on a grand scale, blending wonder and human interest in each narrative.”


The director was then commissioned by the Sydney Opera House in 2017 to create a 15-minute film for Vivid music and light festival. The film projected across the harbor onto the Sydney Opera House for 23 nights and was attended by more than 2.3 million people.

With Bullitt, Ash deepens his expansion into narrative and performance-driven advertising and branded projects. His appreciation for social cause and interest brand-driven, change-making entertainment is also an essential part of this new collaboration.

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