Drew Barrymore Joins Grove Collaborative To Build A Plastic-Free Future

Drew Barrymore Joins Grove Collaborative To Build A Plastic-Free Future

May. 12, 2022

Grove Collaborative, a leading sustainable consumer products company and Certified B Corp, announces actress and entrepreneur Drew Barrymore has joined the Company as an investor and its first-ever Global Brand and Sustainability Advocate.

The partnership launches with Grove’s first multi-channel brand campaign, "Wish-cycling", which features Barrymore and sets out to debunk the myth that plastic recycling is the solution to the plastic crisis. Created with SF and Chicago-based agency Camp + King, the campaign will run across a host of media channels such as TV, social, radio and Out of Home.

Wish-cycling, or putting something in the recycling bin wishing and hoping it gets recycled is a harmful assumption that often leads companies and individuals to justify creating and consuming even more single-use plastic products. In reality, only 9% of the plastic we consume ever gets recycled - no matter how much we put in the recycling bin. Grove and Barrymore are on a mission to educate and inspire collective action with the goal of eliminating plastic from our daily lives for good and for the good of our planet.

Stu Landesberg, CEO and co-founder of Grove Collaborative said:

“Drew is such a positive and authentic person, and she is an incredible example of someone who strives to affect change by inspiring and educating others. We are thrilled to welcome Drew to the team to work together towards a common goal of creating a more sustainable plastic-free future.”


Jamie King, Camp + King Partner and Chief Executive Officer said:

"One of the major points of inspiration for us in crafting the tone of this work is the sweet, kind, and encouraging messages that I get as a member on my Grove box each month. The result is a campaign that doesn’t sound preachy but creates a little bit of a smile and inspires people to change behavior. I think that is really a breakthrough for sustainability messaging, and very Grove-centric."


In 2020, Grove created its Plastic Working Group for third-party brands to collaborate and work together to solve the plastic problem. The group is composed of over 85 brands such as Seventh Generation, Method, Mrs. Meyer’s, and others who are working together to catalyze the home and personal care industry through collaboration, information exchange, and sharing of best practices. Grove Collaborative recently became a public benefit corporation and over the last 2 years, Grove customers have avoided over 4.25 million pounds of plastic from ever being produced, by choosing Grove Collaborative’s owned brands, Grove Co. and Peach products. This savings is equivalent to the weight of 209 million plastic bottles.

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