Givenchy Beauty Redefines The Gentleman: Welcome to The Gentleman Society

Givenchy Beauty Redefines The Gentleman: Welcome to The Gentleman Society

Dec. 11, 2023

The era of the traditional gentleman is evolving. Givenchy Beauty proudly introduces The Gentleman Society, a groundbreaking brand platform that transcends norms, shaping a new narrative for today's modern gentleman.

This ambitious global territory is set to redefine the essence, behavior, and values of the contemporary gentleman. Givenchy Beauty, long synonymous with elegance and sophistication, presents The Gentleman Society with a multifaceted approach that encompasses fragrance and beauty visuals, print materials shot by Exhibition Collectif, and more, positioning Givenchy Beauty as a prominent player in the cultural sphere.

At its core, The Gentleman Society offers an immersive and innovative platform for exchange and creation. A distinctive universe is brought to life, featuring powerful codes and a unique territory. This venture is a society, deeply engaging Gen Z while promoting the exploration of new values and experiences.

A central element of The Gentleman Society is the "Givenchy Conversations" podcast series. Collaborating with international talents, these podcasts explore their passion and perspectives on the evolving concept of a gentleman. With journalist Pierre M'Pelé - also known as Pam Boy - invites artists and creators to open up about their passions, inspirations, and their vision of masculinity. A means to promote the release of the new Gentleman Society men's fragrance, but also to captivate the new generations of consumers who are fond of podcasts. The episodes give a voice to English artist Benjamin Clementine, perfumers Maia Lernout and Karine Dubreuil, French dancer Jikamanu, American producer Mad Keys, and US skateboarder Evon Martinez.

These talents have also been photographed and the subject of video capsules on Givenchy Beauty's social media channels. The campaign, including portraits, video capsules, and podcasts, resonated globally, particularly on TikTok with the hashtag #gentlemansociety. 

Additionally, The Gentleman Society extended its reach to the metaverse through an updated Roblox experience created by Exhibition Collectif. Following the initial launch and a Christmas update, this one featured a whole new universe from April to October 2023 dedicated to Gentleman Society, including a skatepark and limited accessories. The white 4G skateboard has been won by more than 750 000 players.

The profound vision of The Gentleman Society has been acknowledged and celebrated by prominent voices in the media, including Vanity Fair, J’ai un Pote dans la Com, Journal du Luxe, SW TV, and many others.

The Gentleman Society is not just a campaign; it's a movement. It invites you to be part of an evolution where the past meets the future, and the traditional gentleman is reborn with a fresh perspective. Rediscover the essence of gentlemanliness in the contemporary world with Givenchy Beauty.

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