ICHV & FCB Take Aim at Gun Violence to Shine a Light on the Safe Act

ICHV & FCB Take Aim at Gun Violence to Shine a Light on the Safe Act

Apr. 17, 2019

More than 30 people in Chicago were shot just two weekends ago, three of them fatally, as Chicago had its warmest weekend in six months and people should have been enjoying the first signs of spring. The equivalent of a mass shooting occurs on a weekly basis, yet so many Chicagoans have become numb to the violence.

To inspire conversation and action, ICHV and FCB Chicago unveiled the “Most Dangerous Street.” The installation showcases a week-by-week visualization of Chicago’s gun violence. As you walk through the exhibit, you are guided by emotional audio of victim families telling their stories, while surrounded by red laser beams. Each beam represents a victim of gun violence. As you cross through the beams, details of that victim, including age, gender and time of incident, are projected on the alley wall. Imagine 38 lasers representing the actual 38 victims of gun violence in just one week in Chicago.

The “Most Dangerous Street” specifically aims to gain support for the SAFE Act. The SAFE Act helps identify areas that experience high levels of crime based on data surrounding gunshot hospitalization and mortality per capita to create Safe Zones for improved neighborhood safety. 

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