In the Company of Huskies Reinvent How Kids "Remember the Rainbow" to Support Diversity

In the Company of Huskies Reinvent How Kids "Remember the Rainbow" to Support Diversity

Jun. 25, 2020

The rainbow is a powerful symbol of respect and equality around the world. Yet for decades, the most common method used to help kids memorise the colours of the rainbow is the mnemonic Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain or Roy G. Biv. 

So, at the very moment children are learning about the rainbow, they are thinking about some guy called Richard who fought in a battle or some bloke called Roy. In the Company of Huskies saw an opportunity to update this. To help kids learn the seven colours in the rainbow – Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet – Huskies came up with a new mnemonic with a positive message: Respect Others. You Grow By Including Variety. 

The idea behind the campaign is to foster tolerance, open-mindedness and respect among kids in their formative years. From a very early age children are aware of differences, so it is a perfect time to give them a story that celebrates diversity. Huskies also developed a two-minute fun educational video and resource materials for schools. The animated film tells the story of the colours who didn’t want to mix. Things didn’t go very well for them when they stayed apart, but in the end, all the colours came together and created one of the most beautiful things in the world – a rainbow. 

Initially scheduled to launch in schools this term, the campaign’s course was delayed due to the pandemic. The video is hosted on a separate website - - where people can watch it and download fun educational materials as well as entertaining activities for children. During the school year, teachers can use these worksheets to help initiate conversations about caring and respecting others.

Damian Hanley, Creative Director, Huskies, says:

“Respect and tolerance have never been more important, particularly when it comes to educating children. This campaign is a gentle way to address a very serious subject, and the goal is to foster inclusivity and diversity from the earliest age.”


Moninne Griffith from BelonG To Youth Services adds:

“Our mission is to create a world where all young people, including LGBTI+ youth can feel safe and equal without experiencing any discrimination. We are delighted to partner with Huskies with this initiative to celebrate diversity and promote a kinder and more empathic society.” 

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