Invisible Collective Welcomes the Visionary Lonan to Its Roster

Invisible Collective Welcomes the Visionary Lonan to Its Roster

Apr. 30, 2024

Invisible Collective proudly announces the signing of visionary maestro Lonan to its esteemed roster of directorial talent.

Born and based in Barcelona, Lonan is renowned for his nonconformist approach and dynamic execution. He crafts vibrant, playful, colorful visuals that leave a lasting impression. Transitioning to directing in 2016 after a successful 11-year tenure as a production designer, Lonan combines his extensive background in cinematography, acting, and brand advertising to infuse every project with a unique aesthetic and unparalleled creative vision.

Corina Conti, Executive Producer stated:

"Lonan is truly a next-level creative talent. His visionary style and technical mastery shine through in all his work. Lonan approaches each new project with passion and dedicates himself fully to realizing his artistic vision. He's sure to bring incredible energy and imagination to any project he takes on."


The GAMRFIRST commercial blends fantasy and adventure with Lonan’s trademark humor on a cinematic scale, perfectly exhibiting his skill to execute technically challenging shoots, turning even the most imaginative concepts into a visually impressive reality.

Lonan's journey in the world of visual arts began at a young age, quickly evolving from a runner to pivotal roles that fueled his directorial ambitions. His background as a production designer and his brief stint as Coca-Cola's liquid specialist have honed his meticulous attention to detail, strong sense of visual aesthetics, and creative problem-solving skills, sharpening his brand storytelling acumen.

Lonan remarked:

"There's nothing more exhilarating than receiving a brief and having the freedom to create."


For the recent DoorDash campaign, Lonan methodically oversaw every detail, from the strategic casting to the rich color palette and seamless integration of mind-blowing VFX. The spot also prominently displays his signature camera movements and fluid transitions, which he's now known for. 

Lonan eagerly awaits the release of another project for Glovo, which promises to be an exciting addition to his portfolio. His approach ensures that each new endeavor not only matches but surpasses his last achievements, continually raising the bar for innovation and excellence.

Lonan added:

"This is a pivotal moment in my career, and I'm thrilled to align with a studio that resonates deeply with my artistic values. From our first conversation, Corina's keen eye and remarkable insight into my work made a lasting impression. Her ability to understand an artist's vision shows her deep commitment to bringing creative ideas to life."


With the Spanish filmmaker on board, Invisible Collective is poised to continue its trajectory of impactful storytelling on a global scale. His diverse body of work across Europe, Asia, and the Middle East highlights his versatile creative vision and broad appeal. Now part of Invisible Collective, Lonan brings this expertise to the US and Spanish-speaking Americas. 

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