Kia's EV9 and INNOCEAN Berlin do the Impossible by Bringing Back the Sun to Northern Europe

Kia's EV9 and INNOCEAN Berlin do the Impossible by Bringing Back the Sun to Northern Europe

Feb. 23, 2024

Kia’s EV9, with its ground-breaking design and technological advancement redefining standards for movement, has been inspired to move to even greater lengths and do the impossible - by bringing back the sun to Northern Europe during its darkest months.

As vast parts of Europe plunge into darkness during the winter months, the lack of sunlight takes its toll on individuals’ energy levels, mental health, immune systems and sleep patterns. In response to these challenges, INNOCEAN Berlin and Kia developed "The Impossible Sunlight", an innovative art installation powered by the Kia EV9’s cutting-edge Vehicle-2-Load technology. 

"The Impossible Sunlight" is an art project created in collaboration with VOID, an experiential design studio based in Norway, known for its expertise in creating custom installations that blend digital features with real space elements such as architecture, sculpture, kinetics, audio, lights, and sensors.

The circular structure stands at 7 metres high and emits approximately 200,000 lumens, mimicking the properties of natural sunlight, helping to bring back the sun’s positive benefits lost during the winter months. Once fully illuminated, the sun installation can be seen from several kilometres away.

To capture the beauty and impact of the installation, Kia has partnered with Swedish award-winning photographer and cinematographer Norris Nimann, whose work has been featured in publications such as Vogue Scandinavia and National Geographic. His keen eye for unique landscapes and ability to evoke emotions through his photography make him the perfect collaborator for this project.

A short film capturing the emotional reactions of individuals experiencing the installation, alongside the striking beauty of the Kia EV9, has also been produced as a testament to the project's impact.

David Hilbert, Head of Marketing at Kia Europe said:

"At Kia, we leverage our technology to create the time and space to inspire others. This project takes it to a new level, opening new possibilities of how we can continue to inspire others by using our technology creatively."


Gabriel Mattar, CCO at INNOCEAN Berlin said:

"By blending cutting-edge technology with artistic expression, we've created an art installation that captures not only the essence of Kia's brand but also responds to real life challenges. With this project we continue to push the limits of creativity and innovation with Kia, always with the aim of inspiring others."

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