Leo Burnett Israel & The Azrieli Malls present: "Vac Pack"

Leo Burnett Israel & The Azrieli Malls present: "Vac Pack"

May. 14, 2019

The Eurovision song contest is the biggest musical event in the world and this year it’s taking place in sunny Tel Aviv where it is expected to draw over 18.000 music-loving, party-going and shopping-crazed tourists. We all know it: going shopping when you’re on holidays is part of the fun and the experience. So we shop until we drop.

But then almost unexpectedly, comes the time to pack and go home. Suddenly we realize all the stuff we’ve bought just won’t fit in the suitcase – and then, short of buying another suitcase we try all kinds of tactics like:

  • The “Slam & Sit” – a move where you rapidly in one swift motion, slam the suitcase shut and jump on it.
  • The “Double Flank” – which consists of zipping both sides of the suitcase shut from each corner in a futile attempt to make the zippers meet in the middle and distribute the load.
  • The “Find-a Friend” approach – which basically consists of finding a few willing souls to give your excess baggage to and carry your load home.
  • And the absolute last resort the “Layer it On” tactic – which basically means wearing all of your bulkiest clothes on your person – the only problem being that until you get home you’ll probably die of heat.

Which is why the Azrieli Malls came up with a brilliant solution: ‘The Vac Pack’. 

In honour of the Eurovision Song Contest, the Azrieli Malls – Israel’s largest Shopping Group - decided to offer Eurovision tourists a free VAC PACK service and created special vacuum bags that could be drained of air at various points throughout the mall. All tourists had to do to earn the service was present their passport and ticket.

Ran Goren, Azrieli Malls VP of Marketing and Strategy said:

"We are excited about hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel. The Azrieli Malls Group is working to improve the shopping experience for its customers, and towards the Eurovision we have decided to offer tourists a special packaging service to assist the shopping experience”.


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