MINI Turns The Energy Label Into A Rainbow Flag To Celebrate Diversity

MINI Turns The Energy Label Into A Rainbow Flag To Celebrate Diversity

Jun. 22, 2022

MINI France adds two colors to the energy label now compulsory on all car advertisement in France to turn it into a rainbow flag. This improved label becomes a symbol of MINI’s support for LGBTQIA+ communities, in the context of Pride Month celebration in June. With the "Love Label", MINI increasingly raises awareness for the communities in the days leading to the French pride parade, on June 25th.

MINI’s promise "BIG LOVE" now takes its full meaning. The car brand reasserts the love for diversity with an improved energy label, adding two colors to turn it into the pride flag. This colorful symbol appears on all digital media of the brand and MINI will continue spreading the love with further touchpoints until June 25th, raising awareness for LGBTQIA+ communities.

This takes place as the French Law on Mobility Orientation (“Loi d’orientation des mobilites LOM”) just got implemented in France. Since June 2022, it is compulsory to show CO2 emissions and the energy class of the shown car on every car advertisement, with seven categories going from green to red. MINI adds the colors that were missing to turn this gradient into a rainbow flag that stands for the LGBT pride and the brand’s support for diversity and self-expression.

Car manufacturer explained:

Our cars are built with BIG LOVE; our goal is to build cars enabling everyone to express themselves differently. With the “Love Label” (in French, “L’Etiquette de l’Amour”), MINI clearly expresses its belief in diversity, using its notoriety and platforms to make people more aware of the LGBTQIA+ cause, under the message #BigLoveForDiversity. Once again, people are at the center of the brand’s communication because, the brand says, we are “all different, but pretty good together".


Since beginning of June, MINI has expressed its support in different ways all over the world with, among others, the “Guide to Pride” in Canada. This is a collaboration with two LGBTQIA+ influencers who showcase their favorite LGBTQIA+-owned businesses on the brand’s social network pages.

A human-centric approach, which is also refreshing as we can see in the headlines developed by MINI and its communications agency Media.Monks Paris (Dare.Win). The "Love Label" carries general messages, but also dedicated ones to electric and hybrid MINI. The brand play with the energy classes A, B, C, D, E, F, G we can see on the label, adding "But also LGBTQIA+".

The "Love Label" turns a legal obligation into a strong symbol of support for self-expression and diversity. It’s a label encouraging you to forget about labels.

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