New Work from FCB Chicago and Cottonelle

New Work from FCB Chicago and Cottonelle

Feb. 20, 2019

Research suggests the average person visits the bathroom five times a day, using 6.7 toilet paper sheets per visit. Unfortunately for Kimberly-Clark (source), frequency is not linked to mindfulness. The challenge of overcoming category apathy is at the forefront of a new campaign, “downtherecare” from Cottonelle, that launched this week. 

“downtherecare” aims to disrupt the cycle of habitual usage by urging consumers to rethink wiping as a conscious act of self-care. Well + Good, among others, recently named “Big Bush Energy” a 2019 trend, indicating the market is open to a more honest conversation around “down there” care products. Cottonelle is confident its CleaningRipples – an innovation with stopping power as compelling as the creative – could be just what consumers need to wake them from their complacency.

This will be the first creative to market for FCB Chicago since being appointed global AOR for Cottonelle and Kleenex. Supporting creative will highlight surprisingly obvious moments where choosing Cottonelle toilet paper and flushable wipes is consequential to moments that matter.

Integrated Support of Cottonelle® “downtherecare”

  • Creative advertising developed by FCB Chicago that highlights surprisingly obvious moments where choosing Cottonelle® toilet paper and flushable wipes is actually consequential to moments that matter – such as teaching your child how to potty train or going on a first date. TV spots in the U.S. began airing this week.
  • Digital media (online display, online video, social) to help increase awareness of CleaningRipples texture and drive trial in relevant environments through data-driven targeting strategies supported with online ad placements, video and static content.
  • PR support includes strategic earned media outreach, leveraging A-Lister “downtherecare” expert Jodi Shays and equitable consumer research around “downtherecare” trends and sentiments.

Liz Taylor, chief creative officer of FCB Chicago said:

“Why don’t we treat the skin we don’t see like the skin we do? Beyond creating a campaign, we wanted to share this behavior-changing idea with consumers to transform their relationship with the category, and get them to actually care about what they wipe with down there.”


Ken Champa, senior brand manager of Cottonelle, added:

“While consumers ask a lot of their beauty and grooming products, we found they are overlooking toilet paper or flushable wipes as part of a personal care routine. The ‘downtherecare’ program urges people to rethink that – highlighting the importance in delivering a superior clean that leaves you feeling clean, fresh and confident.”

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