Swedish telco helps Kanye change passcode

Swedish telco helps Kanye change passcode

Oct. 11, 2018

Kanye West accidentally showed the world his phone passcode during a visit at the White House this thursday. The passcode appeared to be the super-easy-to-steal combination of six zeros in a row. Now, to highlight the importance of mobile security, Swedish telco Telenor together till creative agency Acne releases a generator that randomizes passcodes that are stronger than West’s. 

Kanye West has been all around the media the last months. As his latest achievement, the superstar rapper accidentally showed his phone passcode to the journalists’ cameras during a meeting with president Donald Trump. The passcode, 000000, spread like wildfire over internet just because of its low-level security. 

To highlight the importance of mobile security, the Swedish telco Telenor launched generator that randomizes phone passcodes that are safer than West’s. Find the generator at ​MakePasscodesGreatAgain.com​​

Linda Wetterborg, Head of Marketing at Telenor Sweden, says:

“As a mobile service and internet provider, we want to highlight the importance of internet security and how easy it is to make your digital life more secure. Choosing a great passcode is one way of doing it, but it’s rather easy to forget. And maybe we can help Kanye while we’re at it.


Generate your own passcode at ​MakePasscodesGreatAgain.com​​ and learn more how Telenor is working with mobile security at telenor.se/foretag/mobil-sakerhet. The campaign was created by international creative agency Acne.

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