Weight of the Flake - New Head & Shoulders Campaign to Educate and Empower Teens Against Bullying

Weight of the Flake - New Head & Shoulders Campaign to Educate and Empower Teens Against Bullying

Sep. 19, 2023

1 out of 3 teenagers experience bullying – and those with dandruff are twice as likely to be among them. Head & Shoulders has partnered with The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Pro to educate 1 million young people about combating all forms of bullying, and is now, together with their creative agency Valtech Radon, releasing their second campaign that sheds light on the increased vulnerability of teenagers with dandruff.

Head & Shoulders has effectively taken care of dandruff for more than six decades. However, addressing the condition is just one aspect of the mission. To change the narrative surrounding dandruff, Head & Shoulders teamed up with Anti Bullying Pro, to empower one million European teenagers to combat all forms of bullying through a blend of communication and education.

Diego Alirangues Martín, Senior Brand Manager at Head & Shoulders said:

"There is a complex interplay between dandruff and bullying that needs urgent attention. Through our work, we aim to mobilize individuals to join the fight against bullying and empower them with effective strategies to combat this issue. Our vision for the future is to enhance people’s quality of life by minimizing the social and emotional challenges associated with dry scalps, flakes, and dandruff."


The second edition of Head & Shoulders anti-bullying campaign aims to raise awareness about the vulnerability of teenagers with dandruff and encourage people to join the fight against bullying. The new campaign uses a powerful visual metaphor – a growing backpack – to illustrate the hidden burdens bullying and dandruff can place on students, emphasizing the impact of simple acts of kindness.

Petter Rudwall, Creative Director at Valtech Radon said:

“Dandruff is diminished as this small white flake, but in reality, it has a much heavier emotional weight for teenagers. This is the insight on which we came up with the idea of using a growing backpack as the metaphor for showing the weight on kids' shoulders. By suspending reality and dramatizing it this way, we hope to break down the stigmas that often come along with both dandruff and bullying."


The campaign launches across Europe, initially focusing on the UK and Spain, on social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, and in-store through partnerships like Boots. Additionally, bullying education by Diana Award Anti-Bullying Pro in schools across the UK.

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