Wolfstreet and Vinted Combat Clothing Overconsumption in New Campaign

Wolfstreet and Vinted Combat Clothing Overconsumption in New Campaign

Mar. 15, 2024

Creative agency Wolfstreet has developed Vinted’s latest European marketing campaign titled "Too Many," in collaboration with director Fabio de Frel. Vinted, Europe’s leading online marketplace for second-hand fashion, focuses its new campaign on the impact of clothing overconsumption.

The films and photography feature striking visuals that depict people submerged in seas of clothing, confronting viewers with the stark reality of excessive consumption. By urging consumers to reconsider their relationship with clothing, the campaign encourages a shift towards more mindful and environmentally responsible fashion choices and supports the growing movement towards pre-loved fashion.

The campaign was directed by filmmaker Fabio de Frel, known for his campaigns for KENZO, Loewe, Adidas, and Pop Trading Company. Responsible for the photography was Nick van Tiem, who recently worked on campaigns for Dior, Burberry, Adidas, Nike, and G-Star.

Jurriaan Kamps, Managing Director of Wolfstreet, underscores the significance of the campaign said:

"Clothing production has doubled between 2000 and 2021, and the average consumer purchases 60% more clothing compared to 15 years ago. The surge in overconsumption of clothing due to fast fashion is unnecessary, especially with an alternative like Vinted at our fingertips."


The creation of the "Too Many" campaign was a collaborative effort between the teams at Vinted and Wolfstreet. The teams worked "co-creatively" side by side throughout the process. Vinted's in-house creative team developed the leading idea, while the creatives and producers on Wolfstreet's side were responsible for the creative and production-related translation.

Kamps said:

"We see that this type of collaborative approach is becoming more prevalent as the agency model changes. By leveraging the expertise on both sides of the teams, we are able to streamline the process drastically. Vinted brings brand and market insights in real-time, and with our global production network and our in-house post-production studios, we are able to launch an international production in a flash and effortlessly convert it into localized assets for all markets."


The campaign is airing on TV and across various online and social channels in multiple European countries, starting with Denmark, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania and Sweden.

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