You're 20, Make The Most of It With Ouigo And Rosapark

You're 20, Make The Most of It With Ouigo And Rosapark

May. 16, 2019

When you were 20, did you knick glasses from bars, load up on ketchup packets each time you went to McDonald’s, forage endlessly for change so you could gas up your car, even if it was just to add a couple litres, pick up that 3-legged table someone put out for trash collection, borrow your neighbors’ wifi, eat more ramen than you’d like to remember or maybe have to cover that run in your stocking with a marker? OUIGO has a message for you.

Because when you’re 20, in life or in your mind, you have the freedom to move around, you want to live your life to the full and use your money for the things that really matter. That’s why French train system OUIGO is offering the possibility to travel by high-speed starting at 19€. More than just a carrier, OUIGO is a lifestyle, a smart version of mobility.

To promote this idea, OUIGO and its agency Rosapark wanted to surprise with a film that serves as an ode to this sahred philosophy of life.

The film follows the daily life of 3 students who go about life in a simple, easy, effortless, and clever manner. They are kings and queens of resourcefulness; everything around them takes on a second meaning in their eyes; an iron becomes a raclette grill, a tennis racket a strainer, a toaster a stove, a black marker turns an old stocking into a new one, etc.

The direction of this film, funny, eminently realistic, and spot-on, was entrusted to Alice Moitié, a young and gifted director. Already represented at Iconoclast Image for her talents as a photographer and at Standard for her work as a video director, she directed her first advertising film with OUIGO and Rosapark.

The music chosen for this film,"Hier Encore" by Charles Aznavour, the highly-revered French crooner who passed away last year, gives the film a poetic ambiance, a touch of nostalgia, and, above all, is a transgenerational ode to youth. Because you can be listed as 40 on a passport but be 20 in your head. There is no age to take a OUIGO.

The film’s objective is to make choosing OUIGO a reflex for the younger audience, who make up 40% of customers, by promoting new routes to destinations that appeal particularly to the young in France, such as Toulouse (the top city for students in France, according to a 2018 ranking put out by the magazine L'Etudiant).. It’s a way of reinforcing the brand's positioning, to give as many people as possible the power to travel.

The film launches May 16 on the brand's social networks, Facebook, Instagram, in truview on YouTube, and in first view on Twitter with the hashtag #JeSuisUnGénieQuand (#II’m a genius when), where users can share their crafty cost-saving measures. An influencer campaign will also be led in order to reach this core target.

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