Zurich Insurance Launches Latest "Upcycled" ad in its "Sustain Your World" Campaign

Zurich Insurance Launches Latest "Upcycled" ad in its "Sustain Your World" Campaign

Jul. 29, 2023

Zurich Insurance and FCB London have launched new ads in the "Sustain Your World" campaign showing how the insurance brand protects you in your everyday life by insuring all the things you think about, and the things you don’t.
The campaign first launched in 2022 as Zurich’s first sustainable ad campaign, using ‘upcycled’ footage to help showcase Zurich’s environmental credentials.
The new online and radio ads, also created by FCB London, focus on the communities, businesses and public services Zurich insures. Once again, previously shot footage is "upcycled" to show how, from schools and workplaces to the UK’s vast coastlines, Zurich helps you ‘Sustain Your World’ in more ways than you might think.
The 30-second online video and radio ad launches in the UK this month and runs until 25th September.


Tracy Waxman, Head of Brand and Marketing Communication at Zurich Insurance, said:

"Zurich sees insurance differently. As a way to maintain and protect all the things you love - to ‘Sustain Your World’. And with our latest iteration of this campaign, we’re shining a light on all the people and organisations we insure at the heart of our communities: showing how we help sustain everyone’s world, without them even knowing."


Greg Harvey, Senior Art Director at FCB London, said:

"When most people think of insurance, their minds naturally turn to dull online forms and lost Sunday afternoons. But Zurich wants us to see insurance differently: not as a bet against the worst happening, but as an enabler allowing the best to happen. It’s this safety that allows us to sustain so much in our lives that we take for granted. We couldn’t be happier to shine a light on that across Britain’s people and communities."

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