Burger King: Smashing Shrimp Burgers


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On 11th March, after months of hard work, BURGER KING® Russia unveils its new line of shrimp burgers through a "smashing" campaign imagined by Buzzman. Like an artist, BURGER KING® Russia worked hard to create its new line of shrimp burgers. It took hours of hard work to carve this premium recipe worthy of the greatest culinary masterpieces. And to announce it, the brand is back on TV and the web with a powerful film. That's what the film sets out to show, a unique, meticulous and rigorous know-how that risks to destroy everything in its path... Because yes, the new burger is so exceptional that everything else seems extremely bland.


Advertising Agency:

Buzzman, Paris, France

President and Executive Creative Director:

Georges Mohammed-Chérif

Vice President:

Thomas Granger

Managing Director:

Julien Levilain

Creative Directors / Art Directors / Copywriters:

Louis Audard, Tristan Daltroff

Art Director Assistant:

Vincent Tavernier

Business Director:

Laura Quiles

Account Manager:

Sacha Hanras

Head of Strategic Planning:

Clément Scherrer

Head of PR & Communication:

Amélie Juillet

PR & Communication Manager:

Paul Renaudineau

Rights Management:

Dee Perryman

Head of TV Production:

Vanessa Barbel

TV Producer:

Benoit Crouet

TV Producer assistant:

Saveria Besset

Production Company:

Big Productions


Christophe Deroo


Arthur Catton, Katya Mokolo

Sound Production:



March, 2020

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