Independent Enthusiasts for Gun Control: Every 27th Case


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The unthinkable website was created by a group of enthusiasts to learn if Internet users can kill people online. A social experiment had a goal to understand if people are responsible enough to own guns without any gun control. They simply gave out guns to everyone. After a fast registration process a visitor was given a number in a line and after a queuing could control a robotized rifle with his mouse or arrow keys and shoot by pressing a space button. Activists closed a small city square for a day and brought actors to make it as real as possible. When a person was at the gunpoint an operator enabled a trigger button. If someone pressed it the operator told the person at the gun point to fall. After a few rehearsals they could fall very convincingly.


Advertising Agency:

Publicis, Moscow, Russia

Executive creative director:

Anton Zimin

Creative group head:

Andrey Yarynich

Art director:

German Kapitonov


Nikita Bochharov, Alexandra Zaitseva

Junior copywriter:

Anton Fedoseev


March, 2017

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