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We are not designers, or writers, or advertisers, or brand strategists but all of these and more. We are an ideas based creative consultancy based in the UK.

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There was once an old Indian craftsman who passed his time carving beautiful elephants, when asked how he creates such masterful beasts from simple blocks of timber he would reply: "I just cut away the wood that doesn't look like an elephant."​ For 35 years we've been applying that philosophy to all our work from strategic thinking through to final crafting, where everything has to have a reason for being.

Latest News

Jan. 19, 2021

Top Creatives from 36 Countries to Judge Historic ADC 100th Annual Awards

Nearly 180 highly-qualified creatives will judge the best work from around the world. 

Jan. 18, 2021

Serviceplan Group Pushes the Establishment of "House of Communication" in France

Serviceplan Group brands are Serviceplan, Mediaplus, Plan.Net and Solutions