UNFOLD Inks Exclusive Partnership with Web3 Platform IQ Protocol

UNFOLD Inks Exclusive Partnership with Web3 Platform IQ Protocol

Nov. 20, 2023

Digital marketing agency UNFOLD and Web3 sharing platform IQ Protocol have formed a partnership to empower brands with technology that enables them to engage with fans globally in gaming, memberships, ticketing, and other activities without the involvement of third parties. 

IQ Protocol is a pioneer of the Web3 sharing economy because it has developed p2p technology that redefines digital-asset ownership and access. Everyone from crypto natives to those who have just created their first wallet can use the service to unlock access to Web3 gaming items, exclusive real-world events and everything in between. IQ Protocol has already surpassed 20,000 digital-asset rentals after launching in 2021.

It is believed that wide-scale IQ platform adoption could create a foundational shift in digital-asset user behavior and engagement strategy akin to how Airbnb or Uber have revolutionized real estate and transportation.

Brick Rucker, the company’s co-CEO said:

"From inception, UNFOLD has embraced innovative technology and a culture of constant change. It’s taken immense discipline across our organizations to cultivate this mindset and thrive in these demanding times, but we contend the more dramatic the shift, the better."


With a portfolio that’s weighted in entertainment, gaming and branded products, UNFOLD is expected to deliver successful campaigns for clients and drive innovation to reach and engage new audiences through analog, digital and social media. Web3 is the new frontier. UNFOLD clients include Netflix, Warner Bros, Universal, Amazon, Activision, Ubisoft and Mattel.

Co-CEO Daniel Weisinger explained:

"We’ve always been bullish on the future economies that Web3 tokenization can offer. But it can come with a bit of a stigma—there has been too much noise in the space and not enough signal. IQ Protocol is the company that we think will silence all the noise."


The Web3 platform will also allow companies to onboard and build long-lasting relationships with their users and offer more-personalized content.

IQ Protocol CEO Tom Tirman believes UNFOLD is the perfect partner to work on realizing his vision.

He said:

"A lot of credit goes to them for being well ahead of the curve and spotting this opportunity."

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