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Samsung Espana and Cheil Worldwide Spain have created a ground-breaking AI app for people with autism that autonomously turns down the volume on fear-triggering sounds they find disturbing without isolating them by cancelling out noise altogether. The app is the first ever smart noise-management app that works in real-time to enable people to manage individual sounds to suit their needs. Autism affects around 70 million people globally and many people with autism have auditory sensitivity which can lead to discomfort and anxiety in reaction to certain sounds. The solution is often noise-cancelling headphones that block out all sounds which leads to complete audio isolation. Samsung's advanced-AI app, called Unfear, works with Samsung Galaxy Buds to filter known trigger sounds, including sounds personalized to the user, in order to protect, calm and assist people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and hearing disorders.


Advertising Agency:

Cheil Spain

Global Chief Creative Office:

Malcolm Poynton

Executive Creative Officer:

Alejandro Di Trolio

Creative Directors:

Jaime Azurmendi, Eduardo Vea Keating

Art Directors:

Estanislao Bollain, Aitor Carreira, Jessika de Freitas, Natalia Oltra, Julen Urquia, Andrea Pissarro


Julen Borge, Andrea Hernando, Markel Otsoa, Alba Blanco, Yerai Gomez

Account Director:

Jaime Arostegui, Lucas Vilela

Agency Producer:

Somos 5


Gerardo Berna


Alberto Sanchez, Maria Jimenez


Jesus Davila

Developer Studio:

Acid Tango


April, 2023

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