Milka: Tenderness Against Loneliness 0.0 Persil: The Autograph 10.0 Stop Accidents: Memorial Route 10.0 Volkswagen: The Movement that Unites us 9.0 HMR: Save the Fleet 9.7 Vueling: The Great Flight 0.0 Iberdrola: Whatever Happens 0.0 University of Alcala: The Poem that Would Never have Existed 9.0 Ad of the Day | Cruzcampo: Gitana 9.3 Andalusia Tourism: Andalusian Crush 9.0 Region of Valencia: The Most Immersive Experience is Reality 9.0 Skoda: Bicycle Face 10.0 Dove: Real Virtual Beauty 4.3 Ad of the Day | Dove: Cinthias Battle 5.1 Gyno-Canesbalance: Not All of Us are Made to Smell Fishy Down There 0.0 Samsung: Unfear 10.0 General Traffic Office: Lies 9.7 Teta & Teta: If You don't Cry You don't Get (Case Study) 7.5 Teta & Teta: If You don't Cry You don't Get 7.5 Proximity: Ugly Data Sweater 0.0 COGAM: #LoveWinsQatar 10.0 Abante Asesores: Journeys Through History 9.0 Red Cross: Trajectory 10.0 Cupra: Trackmania 9.0 Region of Valencia: Who Has Lived It Knows It 10.0 Ad of the Day | Shackleton: On the Road Again 9.0 Madri Excepcional: Door Roja 0.0 Mela Val Venosta: Green Grocers Day, The Exchange 9.0 Ad of the Day | ColaCao: Repeat After Me 9.5 CRIS Cancer Foundation: The Battle Inside 9.5 Fundación Mujeres and Twitter: #VerifiedForGood 8.0 Puerto De Indias: Spanish Spirit 9.7 Shackleton: Something Had To Be Done 8.0 Region of Valencia: Whoever Has Lived it Knows Well 8.7 GC Aesthetics: More Summer and No More Nonsense 10.0 Pornhub: Classic Nudes with Cicciolina 9.0 EsPlasticos: The Plastic Museum 10.0 Shackleton: Data Pro Quo 9.0 Samsung: Talk 9.0 Burger King: The Menu Court 8.6 Ad of the Day | Dove: It's on Us 8.8 Ad of the Day | Down Spain: Let Nothing Come Between Us 9.4

Latest News

Apr. 15, 2024

Cut+Run Welcomes Editor Rasmus Nyholm Schmidt for U.S. Representation

Rasmus is known for applying his editing talent to emotionally-driven, visually striking, cinematic projects that inspire curiosity and tell deeply resonant human stories

Apr. 15, 2024

It's All Happening: Chili's® Introduces a New Espresso Martini to its Menu with Help from Reality Stars

The grill & bar is shaking up a new Espresso Martini with a Chili’s twist, available starting April 15