Ad of the Day | KLP: Not On My Watch 9.0 Costa: Eliovision, German Techno 10.0 Costa: Eliovision, Brit Pop 0.0 Costa: Eliovision, French Rap 0.0 The GreenShoots Foundation: Life. Your Journey. Your Choices. 9.0 E.ON: Giant Footprint 0.0 Green Flag: Only The Best Get The Green Flag 0.0 Nescafe: Without Nescafe 9.0 Freshworks: ITSM 9.0 Freshworks: Customer Service 9.0 Guinness: Looks Like Guinness (Surfboard) 9.0 Guinness: Looks Like Guinness (Rock) 9.0 Guinness: Looks Like Guinness (Deckchair) 9.0 Fiat: The Driver 0.0 OnePlus: Nord N20 5G 9.0 Grove Collaborative: Wish-Cycling 0.0 Ad of the Day | Air France: Taking Elegance To New Heights 9.7 Croatia Insurance: AI Anxiety Meter 9.0 Ad of the Day | Centraide: Rise Up 9.0 Terre des Hommes: The DiscovHery Billboards 0.0 Red Wing Shoes: Wall of Honor 0.0 Tre: I Switched to Tre 9.0 Tyrrells: Splendid News 9.0 Shutterstock: Tags (Forest) 10.0 Shutterstock: Tags (Coral Reef) 10.0 Shutterstock: Tags (City) 10.0 LG: Star Wars Day 10.0 LG: Star Wars Day 10.0 Ad of the Day | Yves Saint Laurent: Y Fragrance 9.0 Jem & Fix: Lobotomy Shower 0.0 Jem & Fix: Mega Washer 0.0 Jem & Fix: Toilet Overload 0.0 Jem & Fix: Steak Flambe 0.0 Coors Light: Chillboards 8.0 McDonald's: Spotlight Dorado 9.4 LUX: Shut Up Sexism 9.7 Metro Diner: Want What You Want 0.0 Cleopatra's Jeans: Let’s Make Fashion’s Future Waste-Free 10.0 Ad of the Day | Simply Be: F-It 9.0 IndieFrame: Copyrighter 9.0 Path Forward: The Mother of All Reviews 9.7 Samsøe Samsøe: Resell Tag 10.0

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May. 27, 2022

String and Tins Unveil Latest Instalment Of Innovative "Stills 02" Project

The project asks composers to create a piece of music in response to a self-selected work of art