PRADA: Rethinking Beauty 10.0 Breast Cancer Now: If I had More Time 9.0 Axe: Black Remixed x BZRP 9.0 H&S: Weight of the Flake 0.0 Huggies: Baby's First Embrace 0.0 Pure Rush: Soap Raising the Bar Testimonial 0.0 Pure Rush: Soap Leave the World a Little Cleaner, Lion 9.0 YSL: MYSLF x Austin Butler 0.0 Sulwhasoo: The Ultimate S Cream 9.0 Pvolve x Jennifer Aniston: A Strength that Sets You Free 10.0 DUDE Wipes: Re-Learning to Wipe 8.0 DUDE Wipes: Drop Your Drawers 9.5 Garden of Life: Chef's Vitamins 0.0 Garden of Life: Vitamin 10.0 POGO Automatic: Pickleball 9.5 SKYN: No Skyn, No Love 0.0 L’Oréal Professionnel: Metamorphosis 10.0 Pure Rush Soap: Get The Writers Back 9.0 Old Spice x The Witcher: Vision of Old Spice 10.0 TRESemme: Love Your Brush 10.0 Dollar Shave Club: Just Charge Less 9.0 Trucss: Trucss Lingerie 0.0 RFSU: For the Freedom of Every Body 10.0 Revlon: See Where it Takes You 10.0 My Lady: Your Fans are Standing by You 10.0 Curlsmith: The Joy of Waves, Regaine 10.0 Curlsmith: The Joy of Waves, Natalie 9.0 Dove: Real Virtual Beauty 5.0 Ad of the Day | Dove: Cinthias Battle 5.1 Ad of the Day | AIZOME: WASTECARE™ 10.0 Hero Cosmetics: Pimple, Meet Your Mighty Patch, Zitcation 5.0 Hero Cosmetics: Pimple, Meet Your Mighty Patch, Pop Me 5.5 LUX: Change The Angle 10.0 Gyno-Canesbalance: Not All of Us are Made to Smell Fishy Down There 0.0 Dove: Injectable Billboard 10.0 Goody's Powder: Get to Good, Weekend Warrior 10.0 Goody's Powder: Get to Good, Make up Artist 0.0 Goody's Powder: Get to Good, Gamer 9.0 Klorane: Plant Blindness 8.0 Sulwhasoo: Tilda Swinton, Behind the Scenes 10.0 Pond's Men: The Oily Warrior 9.8 Colgate: Live Life to the Brightest, Dinner 9.0

Latest News

Sep. 28, 2023

Supercell Challenges Players Around the World Together with the World’s Biggest Chess Community

DAVID New York's first campaign for Supercell aims to bring chess players into Clash of Clans' and Clash Royals' strategy world

Sep. 28, 2023

Rising Commercial Production Bella Lands Maureen Butler for Representation in U.S. Midwest

Bella's Representation Also Includes Devine Reps on the U.S. East and West Coasts, and Jack Reed in the South