Tommy's: Splashathon 2019 0.0 Auchan: The GPS Quality Label 0.0 Telenet Play Sports: This is what we're made of 9.5 Coca-Cola: The Search of a Lifetime 4.0 Tramontina: Flavor of Songs 10.0 A1: Lappsus 9.0 Hong Kong Stroke Society: Fatal Recognition 9.7 Ad of the Day | Hong Kong Stroke Society: Fatal Recognition 9.8 Four Paws: Make Food Kinder 10.0 VOO: Raging Banners 10.0 Chime: Radio Tinnitus 0.0 Ad of the Day | Change the Ref: Impossible Operation 6.0 Neon: Pharma Cheese Generator 10.0 826LA: Time Scouts 9.0 WWF France: #Nobuildchallenge 9.0 The Big Issue: Pay It Forward 9.0 Bupa: Maps with Memory 9.7 The Division 2: Green Dawn 0.0 European Milk Forum: Behind the Gifs 0.0 The Real Cost: One Leaves 9.0 The Division 2: ECHOs 8.0 ING Bank: The Rembrandt Tutorials 10.0 Reporters Without Borders: Fonts for Freedom 9.0 SAP Concur: Ease of Use 9.0 SAP Concur: Policy Compliance 10.0 Ad of the Day | TV Rain: Putin turns on the Rain 9.8 KFC: Beef Bucket 0.0 Husqvarna: Timber 9.7 Non-Violence Sweden: The Non-Violence Torrent 7.4 Resident Evil 2: The Choice is Yours 8.0 Ad of the Day | UberToys: Awaken your inner child 10.0 Les Recettes Ferme d'Anchin: Asparagus 0.0 Les Recettes Ferme d'Anchin: Leek 0.0 Huawei: StorySign 10.0 Ad of the Day | Riga International Airport: Airport Symphony 8.0 Uber: What Moves Us 0.0 VOO: Buffering Wheel 0.0 Cary Scott Counseling: Whale Tractor 0.0 MTV India: #MTVWoofer 9.0 New Balance: #BeTheException 9.0 Telenor: Make Passcodes Great Again 10.0 Max Burger: Every Second 0.0

Latest News

Jun. 19, 2019

The One Club for Creativity Announces Jury For Global Young Guns 17

Gender balanced jury for industry’s only global, cross-disciplinary, portfolio-based awards celebrating creative professionals age 30 and under

Jun. 19, 2019

The Gerety Awards celebrates the first finalists of the all-female power jury award

The Gerety Awards winner will be announced at the end of July.